Address: 2441 University Blvd
Houston, TX 77005
phone: (713) 520-5025
Hours of Operation
Sunday – Wednesday 11AM-10PM
Thursday 11AM-12AM
Friday – Saturday 11AM-2AM

Mi Luna has a rich history and tradition among Houstonians, the first Mi Luna Tapas restaurant opened in March of 1998 in Rice Village in Houston TX. Mi Luna was created to satisfy the craving for “Tapas” in Houston. The word “tapas” is derived from the Spanish verb tapar, “to cover”. In the early days of tapas, a slice of cheese or Serrano ham was given with your wine and placed over your drink to keep out the flies or to keep the wind from blowing your drink everywhere. In fact, a “tapa” was (and still is) a small portion of any kind of Spanish cuisine. The name of the restaurant was an inspiration from a famous flamenco singer from Spain named Mikaela, “with a k “, which was her stage name. Micaela Rodríguez Cuesta was born in Sevilla in 1936 where famous bullfighters lived like Belmonte and Gitanillo de Triana. Throughout her career, she recorded more than three hundred songs mostly about bullfighting including: “Coplas a Paquiro”, the pasodoble “Hey, Toro!”, which tells the story of a cattleman and the farmer. This pasodoble from Segovia and San Julian recounts the adventures of the son of a farmer who did not want to become a bullfighter, like his father intended. The son ends up dying in a bullfight in front of his repentant father. In subsequent work, she continued recording songs about bullfighting, like the song Córdoba tubo un torero dedicated to Manolete. The most popular song and movie “The Moon and The Bull,” or “El Toro y La Luna” this plot centers on a bull that falls in love with the moon and in this unattainable love that shines only at night when the bull is in the “cercaos” or enclosure where the bullfighting occurs. The bull calls the moon “My Moon” or “Mi Luna” this beautiful song and movie represent a tradition in Spain as well as their food and the famous “Tapas”.
We want to bring this experience to our guests with Mi Luna Tapas Restaurant. Ole!

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