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Tapas bars in Spain traditionally provided great communal opportunities for locals and tourists alike. Now in Houston, we offer the best Spanish Food in Town.

Happy Hour

We have Happy Hours and Daily Specials every day. From $5 Sangrias to 50% of pitchers. Check it out!!

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Join us on Thurs - Sat for amazing food and live music. Check out our schedule!!

Note: Nights w/ live music, kitchen closes: weeknights at 10PM, weekends at 11PM

Mi Luna Tapas Restaurant & Bar

At Mi Luna Tapas Restaurant and Bar, Houston residents and visitors can get a taste of authentic Spanish cuisine and atmosphere. The culture is quite welcoming and aims to make everyone comfortable. When visiting this restaurant, diners are sure to appreciate the lively and joyous environment.

Popular Spanish Foods

Mi Luna features popular Spanish recipes. In fact, the restaurant's name includes tapas, which are snacks or small plates that are served in the region. Tapas may include any type of food and were originally served to keep Spanish people feeling full between meals. For instance, they may feature jamon, or Spanish ham. It is dry-cured for at least a year and has a flavor that is deeper than Italian prosciutto. These types of tapas are commonly served with cheese and olives and stacked on toothpicks. Fancier versions may include tender beef and sweet potato puree.

The menu lists a wide range of ethnic dishes and drinks. One of the most popular is paella. This rice dish originated in Valencia, which is located off Spain's eastern coast. Besides rice, certain recipes feature pork, chicken, fish, beans, and peppers. Saffron is a common spice that gives the dish color and a rich flavor. Traditional paella is cooked in a flat, round pan over a fire.

For individuals who prefer seafood, mariscos will please. These dishes may include any kind of marine life like clams, crabs, squid, oysters, and mussels. Meat lovers will enjoy classic empanadas, which are native to Galicia in the northwest part of Spain. They can be described as bread pies that are filled with items like fish, meat, cheese, and vegetables.

Every good meal should be accompanied by a delicious drink. Sangria is quite popular with tourists. Legend states that this beverage began as the Romans traveled through the Iberian Peninsula and planted grapes along the way. Since the water was deemed unsafe, it was usually mixed with alcohol to kill the bacteria. This is how the first Sangria was born. It was a blend of wine and water. The name comes from its red color that resembles blood.

Let the Music Take You Away

A party is always brewing at Mi Luna on Thursday and Saturday evenings. Live Latin bands perform and fill the space with the sounds and excitement of the culture. As you choose a delicious selection off the menu, you can savor its flavors to the beat of some great music.

Grab a Drink and Relax

Mi Luna offers and extensive wine list and specialty cocktails. The full bar awaits patrons so that they can complement their dishes with delicious beverages. Guests may share an entire bottle of wine at their table or choose individual glasses. Also, they have the opportunity to enjoy various margaritas, mojitos, and fruit-flavored sangrias. Some of the most scrumptious cocktails include a chocolate martini, blackberry palmoma, and the "Famous Texas Tumbler," which features Bulleit bourbon, tonic water, and fresh lime.

Happy Hour Really is Happy

Whether a person needs a break after a hard day at work, or he or she is visiting the area and wants to hang out with friends, Mi Luna is the ideal place. The lively atmosphere embodies the Spanish culture and welcomes everyone. Happy hour is available midday Monday through Friday with special prices on certain drinks and foods. Choose from a variety of $5 tapas or $5 draft beers or glasses of wine.

Enjoy Mi Luna's Unique Houston Dining Experience

Mi Luna opened in 1998 and has offered the Houston area a chance to enjoy rich Spanish tradition. It specializes in tapas and other authentic dishes. Only fresh and local ingredients are used so that top flavors result. Thanks to the full bar, guests can savor a complete dining experience.

Address: 2441 University Blvd
Houston, TX 77005
phone: (713) 520-5025

Hours of Operation
Sunday - Wednesday 11AM-10PM
Thursday 11AM-12AM
Friday - Saturday 11AM-2AM
MiLuna Houston