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Chef Ivan Perez Laracuente

We are Fusing international flavors to create a one of a kind taste experience! Mi Luna Bar & Tapas is beyond pleased to bring the exquisite work of Chef Ivan Perez Laracuente to your plate.

No other chef could bring such a rich assortment of experience and expertise. Chef Ivan has prepared dishes with the exotic tastes of Spain, and fused them with island flair from Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Formally trained in Culinary Arts as well as Hotels & Restaurants, Chef Ivan has gathered his wealth of knowledge and brought it across the ocean to our very own Houston, Texas, and now to your table at Mi Luna Bar & Tapas.

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Mi Luna Tapas Restaurant & Bar

Mi Luna Tapas Restaurant & Bar opened in March of 1998 in Rice Village. The name “Mi Luna” was inspired by a popular song and movie titled: “The Moon and The Bull,” or “El Toro y La Luna.” It is a story about love which we hope you will fall in love with it as much as we have.

A bull falls in love with the moon and in this unattainable love shines only at night when the bull is in the “cercaos” or enclosure where the bullfighting occurs. Every night he calls out “Mi Luna” from his enclosure, until one evening, the bull escapes and reaches the pond. He howls in despair at finding his love is not in the water, but in the sky. The Bull then runs to the tallest mountain in Spain, watching over her every night, seeing his love rise and fall as his protector.

The bull calls the moon “My Moon” or “Mi Luna” this beautiful song and movie represent a tradition in Spain as well as their food and the famous “Tapas”.